THE BRANCH operates through a combination of an Advisory Board to drive strategy and a Young Adult Leadership Team to help us build a welcoming community focused on showing Christ's love (and having fun!).

Chad Macy


Wendy Macy

Co-Founder & Branch Mom

Brittany Singer

Worship Leader & Ministry Coordinator

Andrew Singer

Director of Technology

Andie Arringunaga

Service Projects Team Leader

Chris Farino

Events Team Leader

Jacob Hawthorne

Prayer Team Leader

Sam Orr

Staging Team Leader

Lauren Orr

Welcome Team Leader

Reagan Tippett

Media Team Leader

THE BRANCH Advisory Board

Chad Macy - President & Chairman

Wendy Macy - Vice President

Don Cramer - Treasurer

Judy Cramer - Board Member

John Latham - Board Member

Tobey Latham - Secretary