Our Story

The number one word we hear from visitors of our ministry is "WELCOMING".  Whether you are new to the Austin area, College, High School Grad, Career, Single, Engaged, Married, Divorced, Single Parent... all are welcome. We are unashamed of our love for Christ and our calling to spread His Good News. 

Every Thursday from 7:30-9pm we meet for Worship, Teaching and Break Outs. In addition, many of our church partners have Small Groups, Bible Studies, Missional Communities, Life Groups, etc.

Do you like to have fun? There are parties, events, sports, ad hoc gatherings and more! Young Adults from many churches gather together to connect and be part of the City Wide Young Adult Community called THE BRANCH!

Annual Party Barge on the lake!

Events at THE BRANCH allow different groups to participate in the specific activities that interest them the most. 

Human foosball table, pool parties, last minute movies and ad hoc gatherings make this community special.

 We love both our local and our extended family (those who had to move away due to work, school, etc)!